Verbal enquiry:Immediate response & visit the premises

  Written enquiry:Within 3 working days

  Verbal complaint:Immediate response & visit the premises

  Written complaint:Within 3 working days


  Service evaluation:Immediate review after service provided

  Emergency Call:Within 5 minutes


♦  Monthly income & expenditure Report:Monthly

♦  Audit report:Yearly

♦  Yearly budget of income & expenditure:Yearly






 Breakdown of fresh water, flush water, electricity & air conditioning supply:Within 30 minutes

 General lighting:Within 48 hours

 Checking of water pump:Monthly

 Checking of electricity supply system:Quarterly

 Checking of generator set:Every 2 Weeks

 Maintenance checking of fire system:Quarterly

 Cleaning of flushing water tank:Every 6 months

 Cleaning of fresh water tank: Quarterly

 Maintenance checking of lift & escalator:Every 2 weeks

 Cleaning of a/c air filter:Every 4 months

 Maintenance checking of CCTV:Weekly

 Cleaning of main fresh air duct:Bi-yearly

 Cleaning of FCU cooling coil for all floor lobby:Yearly

 Cleaning of main exhaust air duct:Bi-yearly

 Inspection & testing of fixed electrical installations:Every 5 years

 Lifts breakdown:Within 1 hour

 Lifts entrapment (office hours): Within 20 minutes

 Lifts entrapment (after office hours):Within 30 minutes

 Information issuing for health, safety & environment protection:Monthly

 Cleaning of common corridor:Everyday

 Cleaning of toilet:Six times per day

 General cleaning:By schedule

 Condition check of trees:Every 3 months

Apart from implementing the general prevention measurements of infectious diseases, the following measures will be carried out :

 Issue announcements to remind tenants of such disease and advise them about our precautionary measurements.

 Special counter is set up on main G/F lobby to remind all tenants to pay special attention to the above disease and take special care of personal’s health. Deployed staff will also dispatch mask and measure body temperature if anyone is in need during office hours.

 Deployed cleaners on G/F to sterilize lift buttons during  office hours and deploy more cleaners to sterilize all the highly accessible objects during  peak hours.

 All lifts are sterilized thoroughly every two hours during the office hours.

 Disinfected mats are placed at all major entrances.

 The volume of the fresh air supply from the air-conditioners  will be  increased  to improve air circulation.

 Checking for occupational safety & environmental protection:Monthly

 Fire drill:Every 6 months

 Fire occurrence & smoke emission:Yearly

 Water leakage/flooding, suspension of common facilities (electricity, water, gas, air-conditioning):Yearly

 Emission/leakage of chemical liquid & gas:Yearly

 Breakdown of lifts/elevators:Yearly

 Security control for malicious & suspicious Incidents and accidents:Yearly

 Demonstration & crowd control:Yearly

 Bodily injury of client/staff:Yearly

 Suspension of high-level working platform:Yearly