Property Sales & Leasing

Kiu Lok Group is renowned for her extensive experience and keen sense of the property and asset market, as well as grasp of uniqueness of different types of asset.   We are positioned as a real estate broker providing one-stop services to our customers.  We offer market analysis, super-value and hot-selling properties information, school net and transportation information, and more.  Kiu Lok Group is committed to offer our services with the best interests of our customers. In recent years, we gained the trust of major developers and can participate in first-hand property sales, which enables us providing our customers with more diversified investment or self-use options.

Estate Agent’s (Company) Licence no.:

Kiu Lok Service Management Co Ltd : C-003624

Kiu Lok International Realty Ltd : C-008452

Sales & Leasing Hotline:

(852) 2879-4278

(852) 2802-7966


(852) 9031-9733

Asset Management

With over 5 decades of experience in the industry, Kiu Lok Group is renowned for her professionalism.  Our scope of asset management service covers all related services of property and assets, from investment planning and market analysis to asset value-adding and handling.  We are providing “one-stop” and “customized” services to fulfill the different needs of customers.  We manage a diverse range of portfolio, includes high-end commercial, retail, serviced residential, and landmark projects.

Business Enquiry Hotline:

(852) 2879-4288

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Property & Facility Management

Kiu Lok Group owns our well-trained teams to ensure professional and reliable services are always provided to our customers.  We are experienced teams in managing and operating different types of facility such as:
Deluxe Residence, Apartment, Commercial Building, Shopping Mall, Car Park, Exhibition Centre, Deluxe Club House, Multi-functional Facility Complex, Swimming Pool, Garden, Theatre, Mailing Centre, Refuse Handling Centre, Automated Building Management System, Central Chiller Plant

Green Home

Kiu Lok Group always places environmental management as one of its major development goals, actively implementing power saving measures to achieve carbon reduction and environment optimization while devotedly providing quality property management services over the years.

Club House Management

Nowadays, club house atmosphere, environment and facilities provided to owners/ tenants in Office and Residential Buildings are quite important and merged with the working and living elements. Many people will treat the club house as the major relaxing and spiriting area and frequently arrive there for enjoyment and gathering. In fact, a well-equipped and maintained clubhouse will always alleviate the value of the building where it is situated and attract potential buyers’ attention. It is necessary to have a best team to run the club house and provide the comfortable & modern facilities/venue to owners/tenants.

We offer state of the art facilities that cater to a wide variety of activities that attract clients from all walks of life. We are proud of our highly qualified and diversified staff that caters to the needs of our clients. We provide a wide range of privileged facilities, such as gym room, children playground, snooker room and outdoor swimming pool. Club house is also a great place to connect with old friends or meeting new ones by chatting over a cup of coffee at the lounge.