(05.01.2020) The Community Chest for Million Walk 2019/20

(05.01.2020) The Community Chest for Million Walk 2019/20

Event Date: January 5th, 2020 (Sunday)

Route: Starting from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay and proceeding through Wong Lai Chung Gap Trail, the Brick Path Road, and Aberdeen Reservoir Road to the Visitor Centre of Aberdeen Country Park, which is about 10 kilometers in total length.

Event Content:

The “Charity Walk for Millions 2019/20” organized by the Hong Kong Community Chest was held on January 5th, 2020. Ten colleagues from Kiu Lok participated in the charity walk. The funds raised through this walking fundraiser will be used to provide family and children’s welfare services to help families in need.

The weather was clear and sunny on the day of the event. Volunteers took a group photo together. Afterwards, the working team of FSE prepared breakfast for the volunteers, including hot coffee, Vitasoy, and biscuits to provide enough energy for the volunteers. Following the opening ceremony, Mr. Doo, FSE Vice President and company representatives led the FSE volunteer team to start walking from Victoria Park to the Aberdeen Country Park Visitor Centre. The Charity Walk is a meaningful public event where colleagues and family members can walk and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong along the way while contributing to charity.

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